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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eliza and Nathaniel

I spent this Wednesday afternoon over at Eliza and Nathaniel's house, and I didn't really want to leave. The mother and son team have such a great dynamic going with one another. In there everyday lives, I bet this goes a long way and influences those around them.
According to Eliza, Nathaniel wasn't in the best mood, and he still managed to know exactly what to do with the camera. I chose these as my favorites because they conveyed the array of expression that Nathaniel possessed during our shoot, and because they highlight the importance of this particular relationship.
To see all of the images, visit:


My friend, B., runs a website:
She offers vineyards and wineries around the country a networking outlet between those in the industry, and aficionados. The website offers reviews, articles and listings, and soon, will include photography as an offering to potential advertisers.
I'm that photographer (depending on how they like my work).
Yesterday, I got to go to Bookcliff Vineyards in Boulder for my first shoot.
The thing about this shoot that was challenging, is that I was photographing a winery without grapes. (The grapes are grown by Bookcliff at their Palisade location, but they were currently not in a production cycle; still the winery is open for tours and tastings--I HIGHLY recommend checking them out.) Nevertheless, I tried to incorporate the texture of wine into lighting and color as much as possible. The reflections in the place were amazing; although the surfaces in the winery were mostly stainless steel, they seemed to elaborate on the complexity of wine. John Garlich, the owner and winemaker, showed me around. What struck me most about this man was the genuine interest and pride in his winemaking process and outstanding product (believe me, she had really nice legs.......)
Check them out:
Here are some shots.
The rest are at:
to see all of the images, visit:

to see all of the images, visit:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

freezing cold!

Tonight, I had a last minute inquiry from Denver hip-hop artist FOE. Check out his website:
or his myspace:
Be sure to check out his mixtape release party at the Walnut Room this Friday Night.
FOE and freelance writer, Ru Johnson and I met up at Colorado and Colfax. We took advantage of the light that the freezing cold created (It was 7 degrees Fahrenheit). Here are some photos. All of them can be seen at

Monday, December 7, 2009

Babes Around Denver December 2009

First Blog entry in quite a while--I have been so busy shooting shooting shooting (mostly portraits and events.) Still to come are secret new orleans photos (although I'd like to keep them in the vault for just a bit longer..but I'd like feedback on them!)
Also, I am teaching a pinhole photography class at the denver darkroom:
I am also doing a lot of contractual work for a great new GLBT directory: check out

Without ado, here are some shots from December's Babes Around Denver at Tracks. I have a new appreciation for the plethora of color inside the Tracks venue: To see all of them, check

Thanks All.

The crowd, momentarily illuminated.

Women Erupt

Soup of Lesbians

Smoke reveals the dancer's face to herself.

Babes Around Denver Women's Party celebrates all women.

Two women who seem to agree...

Silke Reuthinger and Dede Frain talk shop with the ladies.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bath Party Fun

 It was the night before Daisy's wedding. I made a cameo in the preparty honeymoon suite. Daisy was takin a bath....Think Mary Cassatt, all right? ;)

Look like fun?? Get a group of friends together and arrange a similar shoot. Doesn't have to be in a bath!! Cool room, favorite bar? Email me for deals:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Voodoo Experience 2009

I didn't even KNOW that this music festival was going on, until i entered the enthralling realm of New Orleans and never wanted to return. While there, I ended up meeting this middle aged music manager named Charles (photos to follow), who only can be described as a crazy dude. Charles offered me a pass to Voodoo with the best intentions. That same night, I met these other two guys, even more insane than Charles (with the best intentions as well, and photos to document). They as well told me they could get me in. When these two contacts fell through (as most things do), the wonderful human beings that I was staying with (photos to come), who teach at a wonderful school in the ninth ward (lots and lots of photos to come eventually), ended up with a press pass in their hands. They told me to "go, and have a GREAT time." So I did. It was Halloween. Just another instance of right place, right time. I even ended up in the pit at Jane's Addiction. Here are some images of the people who went to the festival. More shots (including Jane's Addiction, can be found on my flickr photostream: