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Sunday, January 31, 2010

skate park

feeling ansy, not wanting to hole up and look at pictures any longer, still wanting to immerse in photography, i went to the skate park. i have a bit of a fascination with photographing youth culture, so i was particularly drawn to the kids on their skateboards in all their cool and all their awkward.

mane rok

Things have been looking up in photoland. I am getting some sweet gigs with hip-hop artists, such as Mane Rok from Life Crew and ManeLine and FOE. Other projects are in the works--I am most excited about investigating the links between commercial and editorial photography (I am quite certain I will be doing a lot of both throughout my career--lets hope so!)
I have completely redone my website as well.
Here are a few shots from a recent shoot with Mane Rok--we headed down to the 8th Ave Bridge, where we FROZE our asses off, and I fumbled around with incapacitated fingers. We riled up some dogs, and chatted about how important it is to utilize as many outlets for expression as possible. Luckily, Mane was a good sport, and flowed for me for almost the entire duration of our shoot. His Spanish verses were everso sweet.