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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

inanimate and high

i've taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging, although I've been maintaining a very regular practice of photographing. I'm stuffed full, but this entry should highlight a bit of what I've been working on personally in my photography.

i always find multiple uses for my pictures--thematically, not in terms of generating revenue, that is.

although many of the following were made in conjunction with an ongoing series of alley images (read: kate smokes a bowl and wanders around capitol hill for a few hours with her camera), i think the images elude to trespassing and spying. aside from the fact that some of these images are the product of trespassing, the more i photograph, the less i feel comfortable with people in the frame. hopefully this is a phase. it always feels as though i am trespassing into their energy--i just get so excited, i tend to undress my subject instead of just pulling on their coattail a bit. its always a bit easier to engage with the remnants of humanity, rather than actual bones and blood.
i suppose the images also elaborate on the superfluous and small nature of humanity--but this is not a new concept for me. in fact, my whole diptychs gallery is about just that.