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Monday, January 31, 2011

year later, today

this blog is a bit of a scratch pad. the images in the previous post were taken about a year ago during a snow storm. its like to see the subtle transitions in my landscape eye, and also to reflect more concretely on the elusive concepts life seems to throw into my lens.

it seems that images in the snow invoke apocalyptic sentiment--its not much of a stretch to real life--we hole up in isolation. in the snow, you either have some place to go, or you don't. 
this climate "change" goes nicely with my recurrent sense of doom in my life that the speed of life is increasing too quickly.
white balancing to night time snow is nice too.

one from the vault

last time it snowed, march.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Denver Big Air Ski Competition

Tried my trigger finger at sports last night, while shooting Denver Big Air, for the Westword.
Overnight, a large structure fashioned to accommodate ski and snowboard trials for the Big Air Word Cup grew up out of nowhere, bringing in tow huge sponsors, such as Nature Valley and Paul Mitchell. I have found, in the minimal experience I've had, that sports photography is just plain fun, and certainly something I'd like to dapple in more. The scape of the city wasn't bad for these stark night shots either. 
Looking forward to catching the snowboard segment of the show tonight.

Monday, January 24, 2011


interested in the sweeping away of the identity, and the anonymity water inflicts
interested in the lack of control

Saturday, January 22, 2011

a love story between friends

Recently, Steff and Summer fell in love......

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Stay Tuned for a gallery exclusively of Steff.

Steff von Mende  owned the Sundance Cafe in Ned, working with my dear friend Heather , when she was dating my ex-girlfriend, Von (the one on the right  . At the time, Steff was the Guiness Book of World Records holder of the most oysters eaten in 2 minutes--113. I met Steff while I was with Von, and soon introduced her to my friend Liza  . Eliza went to middle school with my old friend, KC , from Mackinac. I wanted to bone him, and spent weeks mustering the courage to break my gay stream. But when I divulged my fascination with him, he turned me down but came with me to Colorado, and ended up fucking my space cadet genius friend, Odelia  from Sarah Lawrence. Keith introduced me to Liza around the same time. I slept with Odelia several times, engaging in elicit, youthful three somes and spending morning in cherry blossom trees. One Halloween, Odelia dressed as Mary Magdelene, ran around with her little boobies flapping about, and kept forgetting where she had left her top. Her lover, Mark, was, fittingly, Jesus. Liza and Steff dated for a quick second, but not for very long. When Von and I broke up, Steff and I started spending a lot more time together. I don't think this pleased Von's ego or heart, but good friendships are good for the soul of the universe, so Von benefited in this manner. One August, we were hanging out at our friend's Rachel's  bus. Rachel introduced us to her, ex, none other than Holly Smokovitz . Although Steff wanted to hook up with Holly, I made a break for it and stuck my tongue down her throat before Steff could finish singing this song she wrote and playing the guitar.  I had to give Steff a ride home, so we drove all the way up to Rollinsville with Holly in between us. This wasn't the first chick I had picked up with Steff in tow, one time, I hooked up with this Turkish chick Deniz, who Steff coined my "Turkey." at an Indigo Girls concert, and we all hitchhiked up the mountain at 2 am. When I got to my car, which was parked in Nederland, I drove drunk and blew a tire. I never ended up calling Deniz back, and I don't remember feeling all that guilty either. I feel guilty now that I wrote that. Although I dogged Steff for Holly , the two formed their own friendship and formed a band together. Holly's roommate Kimand I hit it off, although my friend Heidi , who doesn't speak to me anymore over the ordeal, was into Kim as well . Heidi stopped speaking to Steff too, because Steff incidentally spent some time with Kim just following a one-night-stand with Heidi. I don't know why anyone would want to rule Steff out of their life. Steff's a hero. She once came away with an innocent wrestling match at pride with bruised ribs . She's been a pharmacist, restaurant owner, lumberjack, bassist, and now, a gold miner. One time, doctors mentioned that she might not ever walk again, but she proved them wrong just a year later. So, based on a similar toughness, Kim and Steff decided they would be best off as friends.  Kim and I had known one another for a year before we began dating , although I fantasized about her picking me up and throwing me against the wall for quite some before hand. One night, at Tracks, Kim blurted out, "Holly  says you have a crush on me "and I confirmed her suspicion . We spent the evening making out, even though the next morning, I was boarding a plane to go see this girl I had recently met on Mackinac. My friend, Britten, who I had a threesome with earlier that season with her and her husband Jeremy, had introduced me to this chick, Summer . Keith happened to be on the island at the right time, and made a bit of headway with Summer, but not enough. Who could blame him for coming on too strong. Summer is ever engaging, poised yet cutloose and always interested in an adventure. Kim had a hard time getting me to experiment with her, because I was into Summer, but romance forces had other plans for me, and when Summer failed to return my phone calls, it was full on . Over this winter, Summer came to visit us and met Steff  . The two noncommital, loud-mouthed aries quickly realized their perfect compatibility and have been dating ever since. I would probably be angry if Summer  were dating anyone other than Steff  . I'm so overjoyed by their relationship that I have begun to document their affections. Sometimes friends should share, and I like it;  Steff and Summer are unequivocally genuine . In a room quiet room,  their decibel increases exponentially each minute .