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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

holy apocalypse

as in, bitches love to dance.


Meet Thoth.
Subject of a recent portrait shoot. We traded a psychic reading and chakra allignment for a photo shoot.
Thoth was subject to a poisonous spider bite ten years ago, and still suffers dire consequences. The morning of our photo shoot marked a first for Thoth--he had all the symptoms of a resurfacing of the subclinical infection flare-up, caused by the bite. These symptoms have, in the past, always warranted a hospital visit. Today, the flare-up started, and went away, allowing us to still conduct our portrait session. Notably, it had been years and years since Thoth had his portrait made. During our shoot, Thoth and I talked a lot about death and release, as my hypochondria and fears of death have been rearing their head lately--I am working to accept death as an integral part of life. Perhaps we both helped each other that day on some level. The setting of the burned down forest accentuates this theme. Our location was the site of the 4-mile canyon fires that raged earlier this fall. The bus that you see in some of the images was a camp school bus melted by the fires. Here are some notable shots.