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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Boba Fet and the Americans

is this marching band who have made their name around Denver by crashing parties.

Here are the shots of them I did for 303 Mag's July Issue.

John Carey

Hello World
Its been a while. I finally begin my transition process to New York and I get, like, thirty jobs. It all happens when you let go. This shoot marks the first of many, a favorite shoot of mine--R&B hearthrob Johnathan Carey. This man recently resolved to go balls to the wall and take up music full time. I know how you feel. Here are some images that highlight his intense immersion into what is about to ensue. The were shot in my sister's pool, in the bathroom of the Squire, in a very strange gravel-pit and near the power grid around 40th and York.