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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

holy apocalypse

as in, bitches love to dance.


Meet Thoth.
Subject of a recent portrait shoot. We traded a psychic reading and chakra allignment for a photo shoot.
Thoth was subject to a poisonous spider bite ten years ago, and still suffers dire consequences. The morning of our photo shoot marked a first for Thoth--he had all the symptoms of a resurfacing of the subclinical infection flare-up, caused by the bite. These symptoms have, in the past, always warranted a hospital visit. Today, the flare-up started, and went away, allowing us to still conduct our portrait session. Notably, it had been years and years since Thoth had his portrait made. During our shoot, Thoth and I talked a lot about death and release, as my hypochondria and fears of death have been rearing their head lately--I am working to accept death as an integral part of life. Perhaps we both helped each other that day on some level. The setting of the burned down forest accentuates this theme. Our location was the site of the 4-mile canyon fires that raged earlier this fall. The bus that you see in some of the images was a camp school bus melted by the fires. Here are some notable shots.

Friday, October 22, 2010


been reassessing my natural tendencies in composition with inanimate studies.
here are some results.

If Miro and Mondrian birthed a digital photograph in my kitchen.

some sort of Magritian planet

Last night.

Last night, at the Zombie Burlesque. I like the bxw

Thursday, October 21, 2010


One of the most important functions as artists is to remain anonymous in the scheme of our pervasive bodies of work. This mirrors our reality as human beings in the scheme of time: we are as integrated, as futile as vast as our imagination of infinity. This notion constantly reinforces itself, as I have been embarking on late-night walks through alley ways. I am not interested in any sort of sociological study derived from the trash in alleys, more, I am interested in the anonymity and humility that presents itself in these night time scenes. I am also searching for symbols of deconstructed American identity (ie broken lamp post) and of course, visual irony (trash in the ocean-themed child's pool).

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mackinac Studies

Sometimes those walks where one clears the mind is necessary to appreciating the ease and spontaneity of photographing. When I become disdainful of my craft, I move as far away from it as possible. Take the dogs for a walk. Without fail, my eye starts to function on an unhindered level. I start to see again. After my relinquishing walk, I ran back to the house to get my camera. The frames I saw had inevitably disappeared. I found these instead.
I am working towards publishing a book on the unseen parts of Mackinac, and sell it in the island bookstore next summer. Perhaps these images will be included.

I like the notion of transition in these. The part of the year where pillows are collected from hotels, or when the grain is packaged and brought to the horses. Falling asleep, waiting for the load to be taken.
The dollhouse in the second image works perfectly with the color of the home. I like the play on what is real and what is artificial--a theme very pertinent to the island. I think these two images fit handsomely as a pair--the upside down burley and the drey--both cut off by the framing--seems to denote a sort of incompleteness.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mackinac Island Music Festival Favorites

Although it was a few weeks ago now, I still cannot seem to get the joy that the Mackinac Island Music Festival brought me out of my heart--but why would I want to?

These award winning musicians don't fail to put a smile on my face, whether backstage or onstage. I think the biggest compliment came, when several of them came up to me and requested that I crawl around onstage and get in their face, because they like to have me up there, jiving with them.
I was floored. This may be the only event that I am not seen as the annoying photog, and welcomed as a friend and a collaborator. Thanks guys!

Jill Jack plays with my heart, and her lovely scarf.

Gary Rasmussen

Billy Brandt and Sarana Verlin

Billy Brand, Sarana Verlin and Dennis Forbes

The Alex Graham Quartet

The extraordinary Audra Kubat finds inspiration backstage