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Friday, November 13, 2009

Bath Party Fun

 It was the night before Daisy's wedding. I made a cameo in the preparty honeymoon suite. Daisy was takin a bath....Think Mary Cassatt, all right? ;)

Look like fun?? Get a group of friends together and arrange a similar shoot. Doesn't have to be in a bath!! Cool room, favorite bar? Email me for deals:

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Voodoo Experience 2009

I didn't even KNOW that this music festival was going on, until i entered the enthralling realm of New Orleans and never wanted to return. While there, I ended up meeting this middle aged music manager named Charles (photos to follow), who only can be described as a crazy dude. Charles offered me a pass to Voodoo with the best intentions. That same night, I met these other two guys, even more insane than Charles (with the best intentions as well, and photos to document). They as well told me they could get me in. When these two contacts fell through (as most things do), the wonderful human beings that I was staying with (photos to come), who teach at a wonderful school in the ninth ward (lots and lots of photos to come eventually), ended up with a press pass in their hands. They told me to "go, and have a GREAT time." So I did. It was Halloween. Just another instance of right place, right time. I even ended up in the pit at Jane's Addiction. Here are some images of the people who went to the festival. More shots (including Jane's Addiction, can be found on my flickr photostream:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daisy and Keith's Wedding in New Orleans!!

This week, I took a jaunt to the Big Easy to photograph dear Daisy and Keith's wedding. The restaurant in the warehouse district was in the oldest building above Canal Street. The food was BEYOND. And...yes, despite the hundreds of weddings I have attended as a photographer, I cried-because Daisy and Keith live so zealously in love with one another within a community that couldn't be more solid.
I felt so fortunate to witness Daisy and Keith's families celebrate, and my trip came at the right time: I completely fell in love myself-with the entire city of New Orleans, and managed to shoot 80 gigs of images and 4 rolls of black and white film (evidence to materialize soon!)

There are tons of photos that will be online in three to four weeks (look for an email from Daisy on how to view those.) In the meantime, have a look at some favorites!